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I like myself, plants, minerals, cults, knitting, quilting, crafting, strange things, strange sexy things, mountains, filthy liberals, Joanna Newsom, Elizabeth Cotten, pizza, spinach, rivers, lakes, pulling weeds, nature relics, bad ass leg wear, black underwear, faux fur everything, and just generally being fabulous and stuff.


Feminine Identity & the Uncanny

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Bjork is a precious natural resource and humanity should do their utmost to make sure she is protected and conserved properly for the enjoyment of future generations, and for the survival of this planet.

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Blue, Age 19_Australian Kelpie. By: Isa Leshko [915×915]


Blue, Age 19_Australian Kelpie. By: Isa Leshko [915×915]

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Insomnia, 2013. Pillow, thread, paper, glass, glue, eyelashes.

One of my pieces from this past semester. I didn’t get any clear photos of it, but I think the best part is that in one of the eyes there is medical literature that says "Remember that your doctor has prescribed this medication because she has judged that the benefit to you outweighs the risk"

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